Dr. Jonathon Arkin, D.C.

Dr. Jonathan Arkin (DC) is an expert in applied kinesiology and functional neurology. He has studied extensively with some of the leading physicians in the world. His passion has lead him to develop the ability to treat extremely complex cases where most of his patients have bounced from doctor to doctor before finding their way to him. Having participated in advanced training in movement disorders, vestibular rehabilitation, brain injuries, sports applied kinesiology, and emotional therapy, Dr. Arkin has an incredibly unique and diverse set of skills that allow him to aid even the most challenging of cases.

Due to the high success rate with hard cases that Dr. Arkin has achieved, he is able to treat many cases where people have given up hope. Dr. Arkin is currently working with local patients in the Greater Atlanta area, the United States and countries around the world for consultations and intensive treatments. Dr. Arkin is a published clinician appearing in frontiers of neurology where he hopes to aid other physicians by sharing the techniques he utilizes with complex cases.

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