Our team has treated countless patients for incapacitating headaches. Headaches we treated by our team include classic migraines, daily persistent migraines, tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches, primary headaches, and many more. For most of our patients these headaches have greatly limited their daily activities causing them to miss prolonged periods of work, decreasing the time they are able to spend with their families or friends, and limiting the amount of enjoyment in their life.

Headaches can be simply classified into one of two main groups: primary headaches and secondary headaches. Primary headaches are caused by unknown reasons. Medical theories propose that torsion of the meninges or dura within the cranium, inflammation of the blood vessels in the cranium, etc. may be involved in the generation of primary head pain. Our team has worked with many primary headache cases, and though causative factors are not fully understood by even the most cutting edge research, our doctors have had success in modulating the primary head pain.

Secondary headaches are more easily understood. They are classified as head pain being caused by something other than the head. Examples of these include tension headaches, hypoglycemic headaches, etc. Many of our headache patients are found to have trigger points in the neck or shoulders which cause radiation of pain into the head. Several others are found to have fascial adhesions between or around the muscle groups or within ligaments in the neck. We are extremely successful in treating these types of headaches.

Within only a few visits many of our patients have reported that they have achieved record lows in head pain or record number of days/weeks with no headache. By treating and eliminating the pain generators we are able to help our patients reach a point of permanent relief. All our treatments are accomplished using manual therapies or neurological rehabilitation exercises.

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