Sports Performance

So, you’re an athlete. You are probably capable of being more accurate, of moving faster, or of being stronger. But just practicing more will not ensure you fully tap into your potential. Furthermore, if you have been injured in the past you know how hard it is to recover and get in the game.

Here at Georgia Chiropractic Neurology Center we specialize in optimizing performance. Most doctors or therapists specialize in one area of the body and miss the dynamic interactions that a high performance athlete needs in order to be competitive. Our team of doctors is highly trained in biomechanics as well as in neurology. This unique combination allows for unique design of intense rehabilitation programs. Both the physical and the mental must work together for you to achieve greatness.

Athletes often come to our office unsure of what is preventing them from performing the way they desire. Our doctors often find that even though they are strong and can move at a level considered normal by most, they are not maximizing their personal performance level. Furthermore, an athlete’s nervous system may be operating within the “normal” range, but there are commonly areas that are operating at a deficiency that is subclinical (meaning that the issue is not severe enough to show up on tests like MRIs, but it’s still a problem that’s affecting performance). Our team of doctors is able to find these minor imbalances and fix them.

Whether you have subtle problems in the tendons, ligaments, fascia, muscles or nervous system, our doctors will do their job to help you be your best. If you would like to get back on the field, or if you are still playing but need to be stronger and faster, our combined approach has kept athletes performing at the top of their game and can work for you too.

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