Dr. Bauth has a true whole mind-body approach and is very compassionate.

L.S. from Georgia

"Dr. Bauth helped my chronic fatigue, I highly Recommend his Services."

D.M. from Oregon

"Eight years of dizziness, headaches and instability finally gone.  Worth the travel!!"

F.H. Mississippi

Dr. Ellis is one of the most brilliant doctors I know. He can find answers to complex neurological problems blocking your health that most other doctors couldn’t even begin to know how to check you for. If you are serious about your health, you are going to want a achieve a healthy brain and keep it that way. Dr. Ellis is your opportunity! Please don’t waste any more time.


“When I first came to Dr .Elis, I was in terrible shape. i could barely function. He put me on a rapid recovery program and he helped me tremendously. I am very grateful that he was there to help me. Thank you, Dr. Ellis!”


“I was not a big believer in chiropractors. . . that is until I met Dr. Ellis. He has a calm and natural way about him that makes it easy to trust him. Not only that, but I can honestly say that the most thorough physical exam I have ever gotten was given to me by Dr. Ellis. My visits with Dr. Ellis have changed my life in that I can actually enjoy a day without pain in my neck! I highly recommend him to anyone with back or neck injuries.”


"Post menopause my bladder has gotten more active. I would dream that I was going to the bathroom, wake up and had wet the bed. Who wants to wash their sheets/mattress cover everyday?! This just would not do. So I saw Dr. Ellis and he fixed my brain by doing exercises on the Interactive Metronome and it worked immediately! I did several sessions on this machine and I no longer have the problem. Thanks, Dr. Marc!"

Jane D.

Well worth the trip from Kentucky,  I am now able to think and make sound decisions.  Dr. Bauth is Amazing!"

L.M. Kentucky

After seeing more than 160 doctors I find Dr. Ellis. He is the only doctor I’ve seen with a way to ‘fix’ all the areas of my body that are not functioning properly, and its happening!! I’ve had only 4 visits and I see positive changes already. I genuinely have hope of not just maintaining, but truly improving all of the physical challenges I’ve had since the accident.  My story:  Immediately following a car accident in 1993 I went from a limp to a drag to a cane to a walker to a wheelchair over the last 17 years. All while seeing the best medical doctors available–internist, orthopedist, neurologist, neuro-surgeons; no one could tell me why I couldn’t walk, why I was losing my balance or why my hands were curling up. With no success and three 10-week sessions of physical therapy I began seeing chiropractors, Reiki Masters, taking Chinese herbs, having acupuncture, VAX-D treatments–two 20 session treatments, spent hours hanging on an inversion table, and numerous test ruling out every disease known to man, again, with no success.  But now I can say, "Thank you Dr. Ellis!"

B.L., Conyers, Georgia

“I have had vertigo for the past 2 years and have seen several specialists.  I had to stop driving and was unable to work.  Dr. Ellis helped me get my life back, I can drive again and I am back to work.  Thanks, Dr. Ellis!”

L.B., Marietta, Georgia

“When I came to Dr. Ellis I was having balance and mobility problems due to Parkinson’s.  Now I can go out in public confidently and am less dependent on others.”

J.D., Atlanta, Georgia

“There is no doubt about it – fall prevention is a necessary part of any wellness program for people of all ages.  That’s why Georgia Chiropractic Neurology Center is taking a proactive approach to fall prevention and rehabilitation.  As a community service project we intend to screen as many people as possible for free.  Balance screening saves countless dollars, emotional and physical pain, and most importantly it saves lives.”

P.B., Georgia

“Dr. Ellis is the most genuine and thorough doctor I have met. I now dance professionally with the Nashville Ballet, but while I was still training in Alpharetta, I would always go to Dr. Ellis for any injury I was having trouble with. Since he also comes from an athletic background, he has even more understanding of not only the daily intensity I put my body through, but also my need for quick recoveries. I’ve never left an appointment not feeling significantly better if not all the way fixed. He has always shown a genuine care for my passion in ballet, and I feel very fortunate to have found someone as gifted as him. You will not find another doctor more interested and willing to help you eliminate your body’s issues.”

Sarah Smith

"I had tried so many other therapies but emotionally I was all over the place; from happy to sad to angry, then crying and always stressed.  Dr. Bauths unique Methods were the only ones that brought me comfort.  He even got rid of my twitch and migraines."

J.M. Wisconsin

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