Alternative Treatment Options Amid Rising Drug Costs

The costs associated with neurological diseases are staggering. In fact, some sources put the annual cost for Americans suffering from nine of the most common neurological diseases at around $789 billion.  Pharmaceuticals represent a significant portion of that amount. And those numbers are on the increase as our population ages. The costs related to dementia and stroke alone are estimated to reach $600 by the year 2030. Recently, the Annals of Neurology published a paper on the rising cost of drugs for neurological diseases. “The findings of this report are a wake-up call for the nation, as we are facing an already incredible financial burden that is going to rapidly worsen in the coming years,” said lead author Dr. Clifton Gooch. “Although society continues to reap the benefits of the dramatic research investments in heart disease and cancer over the last few decades, similar levels of investment are required to fund neuroscience research focused on curing devastating neurological diseases such as stroke and Alzheimer’s, both to help our patients and also to avoid costs so large they could destabilize the entire health care system and the national economy.”

In addition to the monetary costs of drug therapies, which continue to be standard treatment from many traditional physicians, other costs to the patient can be seen in a myriad of side effects that often make patients feel worse and do not seek to determine and treat the underlying cause of the disease. As such, many patients are seeking ways to treat neurological diseases without drugs.

For many of these patients, Chiropractic Neurology offers an alternative to drug therapies that often last for many years or even a lifetime. Offering possibilities for healing that more traditional care plans do not, Chiropractic Neurology is designed to seek out and treat the underlying cause of disease and return the body to its’ optimal performance. As the brain is designed to change and adapt, brain-based care that works in concert with the nervous system has been shown to be a safe and effective way to treat a patient’s unique symptoms, alleviating the need for long-term and costly drugs and procedures.

Patients with a variety of neurological conditions, movement disorders, balance disorders, paralysis, vertigo, chronic pain and more have found relief through Chiropractic Neurology. And although there are as nearly as many opinions on health care as there are drugs to treat them, one that can generally be agreed upon and that is that it is time for care plans to help patients without costs associated that are so high as to become unaffordable. As the International Rare Diseases Research Consortium has stated, it is time that we “enable all people living with a rare disease to receive an accurate diagnosis, care, and available therapy within one year of coming to medical attention”. To that end, therapies such as those found in Chiropractic Neurology are essential.

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