We evaluate each: muscle, tendon, ligament, joint, fascia, nerve & organ to determine what is CAUSING your specific symptoms.

With the information gleaned from the results our doctors will be able to identify and differentiate issues in the cortex or higher brain, the brainstem, the spinal cord, or the peripheral nervous system. They will then know how to tailor a successful Healthy Brain Now™ treatment plan just for you.

Diagnostic Tools

The Cambridge Brain Sciences is a suite of neurocognitive tasks used by leading healthcare practitioners and researchers around the world to obtain accurate, quantified, and scientifically validated measures of cognition.

A noninvasive method of assessing an individual’s eye tracking. Micromedical Visual Eyes TM provides ideal conditions for the observation, measurement and analysis of eye movements. VNG technology is used in a wide field of scientific research related to visual development, cognitive science and pathologies of the eyes and of the central nervous system.

Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems a specialized clinical assessment tool that is used to quantify a patient’s posture control system. The use of posturography is well documented in scientific and clinical literature as an objective method of differentiating motor, sensory, and centrally maintained impairments of balance.

The C3 logix system is an objective and quantitative method of assessing cognition, memory, balance, attention, visual acuity and reaction time. Developed by scientists at Cleveland Clinic, the C3 logix system is used by a multitude of professional and college level athletes

Our use of diagnostic equipment has a two-fold benefit

It provides our doctors with valuable information about your health condition as well as allowing for real time monitoring of treatment plan effectiveness. We perform pre- and post-treatment diagnostics to monitor your improvement. Many patients remark that the history and physical exam administered at GCNC were the most thorough and comprehensive they have ever received. They are relieved to find out that their symptoms have explainable causes and that there is an effective treatment plan that can help them reach their goals.

During patient encounters our team is thinking beyond just surface-level causes of your symptoms. The classic back pain patient may not be as simple as one might think. Is the back hurting because the patient’s center of balance is off causing the muscles to work overtime in an attempt to help them maintain their balance? Or is the back pain caused by an imbalance in the region of the brain that fires down to the little muscles surrounding the spine which stabilize it? These are just a couple of examples from the extensive list of possible causes of back pain. Our team is made up of doctors with an advanced holistic approach for your brain & body.

Rest assured that you will be attended to with special individualized care in order to create a very efficient and effective treatment plan to optimize your life!

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