Anxiety & Stress Can Effect Your Daily Life

Anxiety brain centers

People can often have more than one area of the brain involved and therefore have any combination of feelings.

Anxiety associated with the Lower Brain Stem may often be accompanied by:

  • Nausea
  • Heart Burn
  • Digestive changes like increased or decreased bowel movements
  • Vertigo or Dizziness

Anxiety associated with the Upper Brain Stem may often be accompanied by:

  • Stress with panic attacks
  • Light and sound sensitivity, making the person feel worse
  • Anger outbursts
  • Fast flickering movements or repetitive sounds can be overwhelmingly irritating

Anxiety associated with the Basal Ganglion may often be accompanied by:

  • repetitive thoughts that they cannot stop
  • obsessive compulsive
  • spastic muscles or muscle twitching
  • fearful or stressful thoughts that they just cannot turn off

Anxiety associated with the Frontal Lobe may often be accompanied by:

  • the feeling of depression associated with their anxiety
  • difficulty making decisions
  • not feeling motivated
  • not having enough energy to get through the day
  • feeling slow or sluggish

Anxiety associated with the Temporal Lobe may often be accompanied by:

  • a variety of “odd” sensations
  • visual or auditory hallucinations
  • strange feelings in the person’s body
  • loss of short-or-long term memory
  • feeling like you are not totally connected to your body
  • feeling like you cannot completely “fit in” with the world

Anxiety associated with the Cerebellum may often be accompanied by:

  • Lack of Coordination
  • Speech and or Swallowing Problems
  • Nausea
  • Repetitive Ankle Sprains
  • Poor Balance
  • Double or Blurry Vision
  • Nystagmus
  • Clumsiness
  • Weakness

Traditionally, healthcare professionals recommend interventions such as psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and medications. In many cases traditional treatments offer tremendous help, but what if you didn’t respond to the traditional treatments or if it was only able to “take the edge off” for you?

We believe more can be done!

Our patients have reported tremendous relief and sometimes complete resolution of their anxiety and associated symptoms, while we work to get their brain and body functioning correctly.


At Georgia Chiropractic Neurology Center, we recognize how debilitating the symptoms of anxiety can be.

While we don’t treat anxiety specifically, we provide a thorough examination and tailor a custom care-plan based on your specific findings to help your brain and body function together at an optimal level. We believe that when your brain and body function properly, your mind does too.

If you are one of the many who suffer, then we invite you to schedule a consult with our doctors to discuss your specific goals.

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