Drug-Free Care for Sports Injuries

Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior or a parent with a school-aged child who is involved in organized sports, sports injuries are a part of the game. Sports-related injuries are among the most common injuries that occur today. In fact, around two million high school students suffer from sports injuries each year and 21% of traumatic brain injuries in children are due to sports. Though the statistics loom large, with a little knowledge, preparation and care, we can stay safe and enjoy all the benefits that come from sports. Should an injury happen, having the resources for the best care is invaluable.

With the rise in conditions such as CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), a progressive and degenerative disease that affects the brain of those who have experienced repeated concussions or traumatic brain injuries, the concern around the severity of sports injuries has gained a lot of attention in the news over the past couple years. In fact, sports injuries are quite common. From acute injuries such as sprains, fractures and tears to chronic conditions such as tendinitis and overuse, the number and type of sports injuries are as varied as the number of sports and the athletes who play them. Some common sports injuries include everything from blisters to sprains to more serious conditions such as fractures and concussion while other sports injuries are a result of over-training. Recognizing the symptoms of over-training as well as getting the proper amount of rest and recovery time are keys to staying healthy and active, as well as having the best performance.

Let’s face it… injuries will happen but knowing what you should you do if you suffer a sports injury is the key to successful rehab and a quick return to action. Today more than ever, patients are looking for ways to treat sports injury that do not lie in drug therapies or invasive techniques such as surgeries. Chiropractic neurology provides a safe and drug-free care plan designed to return the patient to their optimal state of well-being.  Highly skilled at using a variety of techniques designed to treat a vast array of sports injuries your Chiropractic Neurologist will begin with a thorough exam tailored to each patient’s individual needs allowing for faster recovery. By tapping into the communication between the brain and the body, which in turns aids in resetting musculoskeletal firing patterns, the stability of joints and increasing or decreasing muscle tone can be realized in a fast and efficient manner. This expertise in the brain-body connection is imperative to recovery, especially since the complete understanding of the nervous system is often overlooked by traditional medical doctors, leading to incomplete or even misdiagnosis. This is particularly true when it comes to overuse or repetitive injury.

The team at Georgia Chiropractic Neurology Center begin each patient’s treatment with the thorough and individualized exam that is most beneficial to finding the source of the injury and includes a comprehensive look at not only the joints but also the muscles, ligaments and fascia, areas that are commonly overlooked. Many times, treatment can even be integrated into an individual’s training program, making this type of treatment ideal for any student or professional athlete.


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