Healing and Recovery in Minutes

Each moment of each day, our hearts and circulatory systems are hard at work delivering blood to our tissues. With each heartbeat, blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all of our cells. This system that connects all the cells of our organs and body parts and carries the approximately five liters of blood in the body through around 60,000 miles of blood vessels! In addition, the circulatory system carries waste and carbon dioxide out of the body and hormones, the chemical messengers of the body, transfer information from one set of cells to another.
It’s a pretty amazing system constantly at work as we go about our day but, on occasion, problems arise. In fact, more than 64 million Americans experience problems with the cardiac and circulatory system. Every cell in our body needs fuel to thrive and the elimination of metabolic waste is just as important. Giving a boost to the body’s blood flow and circulatory system is not only a great way to aid in healing and recovery of a multitude of conditions, it is an easy way to optimize your overall health.
At Georgia Chiropractic Neurology Center, we are pleased to offer our patients the benefits of treatment through BEMER Therapy.  A class II PEMF medical device, BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy improves microcirculation and promotes the blood flow in the smallest blood vessels, improving the performance of the body’s cells and engaging the body’s own self-healing powers.This quick and easy therapy boosts benefits the body’s cardiac system, regenerative abilities and even mental acuity. Just 16 minutes per day have been shown to improve circulation and enhance overall well-being. From new concept in 1998 to industry leader today, BEMER has utilized groundbreaking research and thousands of study participants in the development of their technology. With five global patents and numerous scientific awards, BEMER has earned their place in the upper echelon of the marketplace. Over one million clients, including sports teams here and abroad and even Olympians, are testifying to the positive effects of BEMER Therapy.
PEMF (Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy) technologies are gaining popularity as a safe and effective way to treat pain, swelling, wound healing, depression and more. This type of treatment uses magnets to create pulsing and moving energy helping to change the way that the body copes with pain. FDA approved, it is safe and easy. Everyone from athletes to heart patients have found marked improvement with this form of treatment. If you are interested in learning more about how BEMER Therapy can help you, please contact us today at the Georgia Chiropractic Neurology Center.

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