Living Well with a Neurological Condition

From conditions like Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy to strokes and migraines to traumatic brain injuries and other forms of trauma, up to 1 billion people suffer from neurological conditions… that is one-sixth of the world’s population. The UN World Health Organization studied the prevalence of neurological disorders around the world and found that people in every country are affected, regardless of age, income, sex, etc. The economic impact alone is staggering, reaching more than €139 billion (that is equal to $158 billion American dollars) in Europe alone in 2004 while access to care is extremely limited in other parts of the world. Amidst these stunning statistics, there are millions of stories of resilience and how the human spirit, in conjunction with progressive care plans, are helping people who suffer from neurological disorders to overcome the symptoms and lead a productive, busy and happy life.

The Spirit of Resilience and Adaptability

Tamirra Stewart was an avid figure skater and competitor throughout her young life, practicing hours each day and traveling around the country to compete. After high school graduation, Tamirra took a job, her very first, setting up lighting for special events. It was at this job that she suffered a traumatic brain injury after a fall from a scaffold. In a coma for 18 hours, Tamirra awoke but began developing seizures and other complications that affected her speech and memory. Through a special program for the learning disabled, Tamirra began swimming, running, taking martial arts and more. Today, she has found a love for dance and is back on the competition circuit, this time for professional-amateur ballroom dancing. Her coach has even learned about seizures and head injuries so that he can help if there is even an event that calls for it. Tamirra credits that special education treatment program for much of her recovery success.

The Power of Plasticity

Programs such as the one that Tamirra participated in, along with a variety of others, teach skills by concentrating on the participants abilities and strengths while correcting and compensating for disabilities or weaknesses. The key to such programs lies in the plasticity of the brain. This ability to change connections or “rewire” the brain is incredibly powerful. As changes in the brain take hold through experience, those changes are reflected in increased or new abilities. This ability to change and adapt is extremely valuable to those living with neurological disorders. Plasticity has been credited with reversing damage to the body from strokes, helping athletes return to their game, allowing patients to live well with epilepsy and much more… the stories continue to grow.

Experts in the Realm of Plasticity

Finding a doctor who understands the challenges of living with a neurological condition and can provide an all-encompassing approach to returning their patients to the optimal state of health is imperative. Experts in brain plasticity, Chiropractic Neurologists have a deep understanding of the brain-body connection and the treatments used activate the power of plasticity, create new pathways for neurons and their networks and help patients to safely recover from brain injuries, strokes, symptoms of Parkinson’s and more.

If you would like to know more about how Chiropractic Neurology can help if you or a loved one are suffering from a neurological condition, please contact the team at the Georgia Chiropractic Neurology Center today.

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