Neurological Exams

We provide comprehensive neurological exams for the purpose of accurately diagnosing the cause of your symptoms. On the initial visit we will take a detailed health history, perform objective diagnostic tests, and an extensive examination. With the information gleaned from the results our doctors will be able to identify and differentiate issues in the cortex or higher brain, the brainstem, the spinal cord, or the peripheral nervous system. They will then know how to tailor a successful treatment program just for you.

Our use of diagnostic equipment has a two-fold benefit; it provides our doctors with valuable information about your health condition as well as allowing for real time monitoring of treatment plan effectiveness. We perform pre- and post-treatment diagnostics to monitor your improvement. Many patients remark that the history and physical exam administered at GCNC were the most thorough and comprehensive they have ever received. They are relieved to find out that their symptoms have explainable causes and that there is an effective treatment plan that can help them reach their goals.

During patient encounters our team is thinking beyond just surface-level causes of your symptoms. The classic back pain patient may not be as simple as one might think. The back could be hurting because the patient’s center of balance is off, causing the muscles to work overtime in an attempt to help them maintain their balance? Or is the back pain caused by an imbalance in the region of the brain that fires down to the little muscles surrounding the spine which stabilize it? These are just a couple of examples from the extensive list of possible causes of back pain. Rest assured that you will be attended to with special individualized care in order to create a very efficient and effective treatment plan to optimize your life!


I appreciate how thorough you were with the examination and how the subsequent appointments helped alleviate the pain and finally cleared it up.  

-R.P., Woodstock, Georgia

I can honestly say that the most thorough physical exam I have ever gotten was given to me by Dr. Ellis. My visits with Dr. Ellis have changed my life in that I can actually enjoy a day without pain in my neck!


Dr. Ellis is one of the most brilliant doctors I know.  He can find answers to complex neurological problems blocking your health that most other doctors couldn’t even begin to know to check you for.

-T.G., Mills River, North Carolina

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