Sciatic Pain? Here’s 5 Natural Remedies

Unlike prescription drugs or surgeries, chiropractors have been highly successful with providing gentle and natural relief from sciatic pain, with no harmful side effects. Your chiropractor will devise a plan to help you recover from sciatic pain over time. But what about in the meantime? Look no further than these easy ways to find relief from sciatic pain right now.


This popular therapy stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms through the use of needles. Studies have shown the correlation of decreased sciatic pain felt by patients and acupuncture therapy. When compared to sciatic patients who only used prescription medications to treat their sciatic pain, the patients who were treated through acupuncture than the patients who were only treated with prescription drugs.

Yoga and Stretching

When experiencing sciatic pain, it can be very difficult to exercise without feeling pain. However, being stationery is just as damaging as over-exerting yourself while exercising. Yoga and stretching exercises have proven to be successful in lengthening the spine, improving posture, decreasing inflammation, improving mobility, and reducing stiffness.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

When you are experiencing sciatic pain, it is important to reduce any inflammation in your body. Inflammation is often caused through eating foods high in refined sugars, cholesterol, trans fat, and any food allergens you may have. By replacing these foods with healthy foods such as fish, leafy greens, berries, and fermented vegetables, you can reduce the amount of inflammation your body experiences.

Applying Heat and Ice

When performed correctly, sciatic pain responds very well to the application of heat and ice therapies. In order to have relief from pain, it is useful to know which type of pain you are experiencing. Heat can be applied to ease dull pain, ease tight muscles, and increase circulation. This makes heat perfect for general aches and pains. On the other hand, applying ice will restrict blood flow, reduce inflammation, and help to stop swelling and muscle spasms. Alternating both heat and ice will result in maximum pain relief.

Soaking in Epsom Salts

For many years now, people have soaked in epsom salts, due to its restorative properties. The epsom salts aid in removing toxins from the body and relaxes the nervous system. The combination of epsom salts with warm water results in an increase of circulation and reduction of inflammation. When using both epsom salts and warm water in combination, you will have a relaxing experience and a decrease of sciatic pain.

While these five tips work for temporary relief of sciatic pain, it is not going to completely fix your sciatic pain. It is important to contact your chiropractor today for complete relief of your sciatic pain.

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