How Much Do You Know About Trigger Points?

Trigger points. Almost everyone experiences them from time to time but how much do you know about them? Brought on by stress, poor posture or workstation ergonomics, poor nutrition, low activity level  and more, trigger points are commonly characterized as muscle knots and are painful upon compression or contraction.

Well known as the cause of many sources of pain, these spots are common and, unfortunately, often overlooked. Occurring at different places in the hip, neck, shoulder and back, they are usually found where nerves connect to muscle fibers and can also come in the form of headaches and stiffness and achiness.
With millions of Americans seeking medical help for pain today, having a fast path to relief is essential. Trigger point therapy is a safe and effective treatment for many people whose common pain problems did not respond well to other methods of treatment. Often underrated for its effectiveness, the evaluation of trigger points can be an important first step towards a pain-free future AND save you multiple doctor visits and a lengthy diagnosis process.
At Georgia Chiropractic Neurology, patients from across the globe have found relief through trigger point therapy. Suitable for everyone, trigger point therapy has helped people with a typical case of lower back or neck pain, those suffering from migraine-like symptoms or even those with more elusive sources of the pain. Veterans have found pain relief after trying and failing to stop the source of pain.
While more traditional medical doctors are ill-equipped for troubleshooting chronic pain, specialists such as Chiropractic Neurologists are much more experienced in trigger points. In addition, the study and understanding of the role that trigger points play in the treatment of chronic pain is rapidly expanding. While there is a lot of information available on how to treat trigger points at home, it is always important to seek the advice of your medical professional first.
Are you suffering from lingering pain or pain that has not been effectively treated? Contact us at the Georgia Chiropractic Neurology Center today for a consultation.

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