Chronic Pain

Here at Georgia Chiropractic and Neurology Center, we understand the intricate relationship between the brain and pain. We have a proven track record in helping patients suffering from chronic pain. Chronic pain syndromes are the cause of debilitating suffering for many individuals.

These syndromes can arise in many different ways, but a common theme is that the brain loses its ability to inhibit noxious afferent stimuli. The brain has a built in mechanism that limits the amount of noxious afferent stimuli that reaches the brain and conscious thought. These different mechanisms are present at the level of the spinal cord, brainstem, and higher brain.  

If any one of these stimuli checkpoints becomes compromised then noxious afferents will begin to bombard the brain. Once this cycle initiates it can induce a cascade of autonomic responses which further compromise the system. As this continues the abnormal cycles become ingrained and reinforced.

This cycle must be broken if the individual is to be relieved of their chronic pain. Our team has had years of experience working with patients suffering from chronic pain and we have succeeded in reversing the central sensitization to noxious stimuli through the use of receptor based therapies.

Once the cycle of sensitization has been broken and the inhibitory centers are stabilized and begin modulating stimuli properly the patient achieves great relief of their chronic pain.

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