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When A Dizzy Spell Signals Something More Serious

Everyone experiences a dizzy spell now and then but sometimes that bout of dizziness is actually an indicator of a more serious problem such as balance disorder. There are a variety of balance disorders and they are quite common. In fact, nearly 90 million people — and more than one in twenty children — in…

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Healthy Brain (and more) with The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet has long been touted for an array of health benefits. From protecting against diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes to maintaining heart and brain health and keeping you agile as you age, the Mediterranean Diet has been called the world’s healthiest way of eating. In fact, there are even some recent studies…

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3 Ways Chiropractic Neurology Care Can Improve Balance

Throughout our lives, several factors can have a direct impact on our balance function. Inner ear problems, physiological disorders, heart disease, and even migraines can influence coordination and dexterity in a varying range of ways. Age is also a major contributor to changes in balance. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately…

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